Sharp Pain in Lower Back

Lower back pain is a very common problem that many people suffer from at one point or another in their life. Sharp back pain can be particularly painful and debilitating. Because sharp pain in lower back is so debilitating, it is important to seek medical attention when it occurs. If you suffer from lower back pain, in general it is always a good idea to see a doctor. Seeing a doctor will enable you to evaluate the cause of the pain and provide you with options for treatment. In addition, the pain could potentially stem from a serious health condition, so again this is why it is truly important to seek out the assistance of a medical professional.

Sharp pain in lower back is often the result of a sudden injury. This injury is most commonly found in the muscles and ligaments that support the back. The muscle spasms, strain or tears in the muscles or ligaments often cause the resulting pain. However, there are many other causes of sudden lower back pain. These causes range from simple common physical labor or work related injuries to more serious health problems including cancer in some cases. This is why it is important to seek medical treatment if you have a sharp lower back pain.

Compression fractures are one common cause of low back pain. These fractures are most common in to people who have osteoporosis. The compression fractures occur in the spine and can cause severe lower back pain. Another serious health related problem that causes lower back pain is cancer in the spinal cord area. These problems can be life threatening and require medical treatment.

Other common causes of sharp pain in lower back include sciatic and muscle spasm. Sciatica is treatable and is not an overly serous health condition. Still, you should seek medical treatment to get it evaluated and treated. Muscle spasm can occur from over exertion after doing heavy lifting or intense manual labor. Treatment is usually rest and hot/cold compresses among other basic treatments. It is easily treatable, but should be evaluated by a medical professional.

Another cause of sharp pain in lower back is a ruptured or herniated disk. This is a very painful condition. It is a result of all or part of a disc in the spine being forced through a weak part of the joint which in turn pressures nerves that are close by. A doctor will be able to offer treatment for this painful back injury.

Strains or tears in the muscles or ligaments can occur in anyone who does physical activity throughout their daily life. This could be outdoor recreation, sporting activities or work related tasks. It can cause sharp pain in lower back and should be looked at by a medical professional. The treatment is usually rather simple and can often be healed with rest to the affected area.

In view of just a small look at some of the possible causes of sharp pain in lower back it is clear that it can be caused by any number of things. The back is a complex area of the body and pain can be a signal of more serious conditions. Always tell your doctor if you are experiencing pain.

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