Right Lower Back Pain

A pain in the lower right side of the back can be a source of irritation and discomfort. There are several causes that can lead to such a condition and one should not delay in seeing a doctor to worsen the situation.

The right lower back pain comes from the sacro iliac joints as this area is prone to more usage and injuries in the long run. Most of the lower right side back pain gets concentrated in the lumbar spine but the area that keeps paining results from the association between sacrum and pelvis. There are times when you might feel excruciating pain in the region of lower back that may get worse with time. If you do not consult the doctor and take timely action, you will only dig your own grave. Muscle tightening is another reason that causes immense pain and although there are lots of medications that are available, you will have to control your weight and consume proper diets in order to prevent lower right side back pain.

The next thing that you can do is to order a proper mattress that will aid in the treatment of this pain other than the anti inflammatory medicines that are available in the market along with the ointments. Since the condition erupts from the lumbar region or spine, you should be careful while buying the mattresses.

It is better to stay away from the tight mattresses and you should immediately start looking for one that will allow you to balance the body properly while sleeping or sitting. Therefore, you should choose a mattress that is somewhere between soft and hard. This is reason perhaps that a foam mattress should suit your needs and aid in controlling your right lower back pain. The density of this mattress should be around four pounds. The mattress that has a low density will and made up of foam or latex is another good choice that will provide the right support and also allow you to be comfortable.

The next option that you can try is to get a mattress with several zones that are capable of supporting those areas in which you are having pain particularly for the right side of the lower back. These zones also help and support by not allowing the pain to reappear. For instance, if you are trying to buy a mattress, you will have to consider the measurement of the holes. Basically, the latex beds are such that are equipped with many holes that often baffle the consumer. On the other hand, the holes are meant to provide support to the cleavages of your body. Actually, you should buy a mattress with bigger holes that will help to provide support to your hips or the lower part of your back that is the source of pain. A mattress can go a long way in providing support to the right side of the lower back and ease the pain to a large extent.

Lastly, you can reduce right lower back pain only if you are genuinely concerned about the same. Proper and timely medical consultations are necessary and act as a preventive measure to provide you with respite from pain.

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