Pain in Lower Left Back

Pain in lower left back is common in many people, and there are those that feel their back pains in the lower right back. This type of pain may be either acute or chronic in nature and it may be quite sharp or dull; when a lower left back pain is acute it means it comes and goes within some few months, and this type of pain could be associated with pregnancies, and a chronic pain lasts for several months and even years. The best initiative to try out when you have pain in lower left back is to visit your doctor for diagnosis; this is because while back pains are not diseases in themselves, they could be symptomatic of certain diseases. Your doctor would usually try to determine the underlying cause or causes of your severe pain in lower left back before trying to recommend a treatment procedure for you. This treatment would come in form of medications, diets and exercises and it would be in your best interest to adhere to them all for maximum benefits. Why do people actually have pains in the lower left side of their backs?

A pregnant woman could experience back pains because she is pregnant; and the backaches usually go after the delivery of her baby. This pain comes because the abdominal muscles are becoming stretched and even weak as a result of the growing baby. The growth of the baby in the womb also causes a shift of balance in the body, and this makes the woman to want to balance her body weight by pushing her stomach out and bending slightly backward as the baby rests heavily on her pelvic region, which also houses the vertebra discs. It should be repeated again that this sort of pain is usually acute and goes away after the delivery of the baby within months. However, as a treatment plan, your doctor may place you on antibiotics and recommend some stretching exercises for you; the more you take these medications coupled with the recommended exercises the more you feel relieved to see your pains gradually go.

You may also experience pain in the left side of your lower back when you have kidney infections as underlying reasons. These pains may also result from muscle spasms. When your doctor diagnoses a kidney infection or a muscle spasm as the cause of your pain in lower left back, he may also place you on antibiotics and regular exercises to deal with the muscles. The antibiotics will work to deal with the kidney infection and the exercises would do a general work of toning you up. It should be pointed out that you could also have these pains because of a misalignment or herniated discs in your lower back region.

When your doctor diagnoses a herniated disc as the cause of your problem, he would sure prescribe drugs, ask you to embark on regimented exercises and stretches, suggest you see a chiropractor or even carry out surgery on your back. By the time all these are done, the problem of pain in lower left back should be gone or even reduced to the barest noticeable minimum.

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