Lower Back Stretches for Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments that millions of people deal with every day. Usually back pain is caused by the overuse or misuse of muscles due to bending over to far or perhaps stretching for something out of reach. Often, we endure muscle spasms that cause lower back pain and have difficulty walking properly. Leaving many of us wondering how we can solve our lower back pain.

In most cases of lower back pain the condition is temporary and there are several proven methods you can use to relieve the back pain, loosen up the muscles and even prevent some instances of having lower back pain again. However, before starting any treatment of your back pain it must fall into the category of the temporary muscle strain or spasm and not a more serious condition that would warrant a visit to your physician.

If you are experiencing a reoccurring or long term back pain that has no discernable cause, then seeing your doctor is recommended. Otherwise, if your lower back pain has been caused by a temporary strain or spasm, there are some simple remedies you can apply.

In many cases using over the counter pain relief medicine including aspirin, applying heat pads and simple rest can bring about relief to your lower back pain. You can also use some exercises, particularly lower back stretches that will help to increase the blood flow and reduce the back pain you are experiencing.

Stretching the muscle groups should be done carefully as you do not want to reinjure your back. Before you begin stretching you should warm up the area by doing some light walking or minimal stretching to make sure all of your muscles are ready to be stretched. If you try to stretch before your muscles are ready you could exacerbate the injury and cause even greater pain.

After you feel that you have warmed up, start by slowly stretching your arms in the air, try reaching for the ceiling if you can. This will help stretch and elongate the muscles which may be undergoing a spasm, which is causing the pain. Bending down to touch your toes may seem like the next step, but remember that doing so is what might have caused your back pain to begin with.

The next step is stretching the legs and then including all of your muscle groups. Your back is basically the center of your body and you should try to stretch out from their either upwards or by sitting down and stretching your legs away from you. Never bounce when stretching. This can only create a condition where you might injure the muscles again.

Your routine should last no more than 20 minutes or so, unless you are in tremendous physical condition. But even then you should try some combination of stretching, heat pads and over the counter medication which can combine to give you quicker relief from your lower back pain.

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