Injections for Back Pain

People typically take their health for granted when they are able to go about their daily routines without any pain. It is sometimes hard to think about how much we use certain parts of our body until it is causing us pain. Back pain is something that affects many people on a daily basis and is something that can be painful in a wide variety of circumstances. For example, how many times do we have to sit, bend down, turn, stand, lift something up or set something down? Nearly anything that requires movement in our body relies in some way on the back muscles. Even something as essential as breathing can cause pain for someone struggling with severe back pain.

Back pain can seem like a hopeless condition for many who suffer daily with it. The options are limited for those who suffer from minor or even moderate back pain. Even those who suffer severely and might benefit from surgery to treat an injury or other condition may be reluctant because of the possible negative outcome. There is an option for some people to receive injections for back pain. Injections can treat the inflamed areas of the back to relieve the back pain. They are common for lower back pain. Injections are sometimes more effective at relieving back pain than regular pain medication that is taken in the form of a pill or capsule. Some injections for back pain can last a long time, while for others it may only provide temporary relief.

Injections for back pain are also used to diagnose back problems. When used strategically by a medical professional, targeted injections can identify areas that are causing the pain. By isolating some areas from pain the areas that are affected can be identified by a process of elimination. It can be difficult to tell your doctor where the source of the pain in your back is when it is causing extreme pain throughout your entire back. In these cases injections can better help you work with your doctor to identify the source, which will lead to the most effective options for treatment.

There are many different types of injections for back pain including epidural, selective nerve root block or SNRB, facet joint block, facet rhizotomy and sacroiliac joint block. These may sound like a bunch of complex or scary terms, but familiarizing yourself with them will show that they are not too complex or scary. Your doctor will explain what type of injection you have the option of receiving and also help alleviate any of your concerns. An injection in your back can seem like a scary process, but asking questions of your doctor will allow you to feel comfortable with it. The most common of the injections is the epidural injection. It is used to reduce inflammation in the back. This will in most cases reduce the pain in your back. Once your pain is alleviated you will be able to work with your doctor to determine the underlying cause of your back pain and determine what treatment options you will benefit from the most.

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