How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a condition caused by a variety of different things, and can fall under different diagnosis. Back pain can be the side effect of a more serious illness, of the result of simple strain. Arthritis, injury, congenital bone conditions and degenerative bone conditions all cause lower back pain. In addition, things such as bad posture and sleeping in the wrong position or on a surface that does not support the back also cause back pain. With all of the various causes for back pain, there are different treatments to suit these causes. Many people suffer from lower back pain, and search for the perfect way to get rid of lower back pain.

To find out how to get rid of lower back pain, first a diagnosis is needed. Back pain is separated into two categories, chronic and acute. Chronic back pain is pain that occurs repeatedly over a long period. Acute back pain lasts for a shorter period and is treated more quickly. Chronic back pain requires more intensive treatment than acute back pain. Acute back pain is usually treated with simple home remedies. Most people who suffer from lower back pain can be treated at home. It should be noted that bed rest is no longer an acceptable treatment for lower back pain. Long periods of inactivity can actually make the pain worse, since the bones and joints become de-conditioned due to the lack of activity. Sitting for long periods can have this same affect. For all lower back pain, acute or chronic, exercise is recommended. The types of exercise will vary, but something as simple as walking for short periods and stretching can help.

Another alternative for lower back pain treatment is medication. Of course, all medications have side effects, and these should be considered before beginning to take any medication. For most, acute lower back pain over the counter medication such as Advil and Tylenol can bring relief. In severe cases, a stronger prescription is necessary. Intensive therapy can be used to treat more severe, chronic cases of back pain. This therapy will involve exercises, stretches, and movements to get the back into prime condition. Acute back pain sufferers may not need therapy, but it is recommended for chronic back pain sufferers who have tried home remedies to no success.

An alternative way to treat lower back pain is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a practice that originated in China and has been done for hundreds of years. It involves inserting needles into the body to improve the flow of energy to those body parts. If being poked with long needles sounds frightening, then a seeing a chiropractor, who specializes in the treatment of muscles and bones may be best. A chiropractor will be able to give the correct diagnosis and treatment. However, in some cases, surgery may be necessary.

An example of this is in the case of a herniated disc. To get the proper treatment for your lower back pain, make sure to get the proper diagnosis, exercise, and see a doctor to figure out how to get rid of back pain.

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