Herniated Disc Treatment

The good news for patients suffering from herniated disc is that several researches have proved that herniated disc related problems can be easily resolved within 6 weeks, even without using treatment and exercises. Majority of the cases can also be resolved by just taking adequate rest and without even undergoing surgery or intensive treatment. The common prescription that is prescribed to the patients suffering from herniated discs in a number of cases is conventional painkillers or NSAIDs that only resolve the pain. But, in the long run, it could create problems relating to the stomach and the heart.

Different types of herniated disc treatment are prescribed to patients to get them relief and cure.

The NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are used in majority of the cases that helps to decrease the pain and symptoms related to herniated disc. These drugs effectively reduce the pain and also help in decreasing the swelling, disability and inflammation. Though there are positive usages of this drug, there are also many side effects attached to it. If used for a long time, it could develop problems in the kidneys and lungs. Continuous usage of NSAIDs also might develop allergic reactions in some patients and hence proper care needs to be taken for them.

Steroid injections are used commonly in painful conditions that are related to the joints and bones. In patients suffering from herniated disc problems, the steroid injections are given directly in the sheath of the spinal-cord, also known as epidural space. Such patients getting the steroid get relief from restlessness and pain. The steroid injections when used can rapidly decrease inflammation and pain at the injection site. In such conditions, they are regarded as the main treatment for patients suffering from extreme problems. But, using the steroid injections has its negative aspects and tends to have side effects. Using the steroids for a long time may cause the patient to develop constipation problems, psychological problems, decrease in immunity or brittle bone disease also known as osteoporosis.

Another important form of herniated disc treatment that is given to the patients is the Spinal Decompression. Patients who develop extreme pain due to prolapsed of the herniated disc or because of any other problem that might be related to the spine, are given spinal decompression to provide some relief from the pain. A negative pressure is created inside the spine by this procedure and the herniated portion that is protruded gets retracted back to the original place.

Herniated disc problems can also be removed through surgical methods. But, it is done only on extreme conditions and is chosen as a last resort by health care professionals. Surgery is only done when all the other non surgical methods fail to give relief to the patient who experiences extreme discomfort and undergoes tremendous pain. However, the outcome of the surgery entirely depends on the type of severity, the patient experiences including other associated problems. A proper research gives you a good idea on the subject.

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