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Herniated Disc Surgery: What Applies Best?

Most people treated with a herniated disc do not require a surgery for their conditions tend to improve after some time. 50% of herniated disc patients recovered after one month of diagnosis and treatments, and by ssix months, 96% have already recovered. Only 10% of people with herniated disc do not show any progress after six weeks of treatment and because of this, herniated disc surgery is considered. Herniated disc surgery is done to reduce the pain and for patients to have normal movements again and body functions. Continue reading

Herniated Disc Exercises: Strengthen Back And Abdominal Muscles

Sciatica or leg pain due to a herniated or ruptured disc is typically caused by the disc’s soft, gel-like internal substance protruding into its outer covering called annulus fibrosus. As the disc bulges, it compresses on a nerve root along the sciatic nerve radiating pain that is felt from the lower portion of the back down to the legs.

A herniated disc is a tear or wear of the disc. It can also be referred to as disc degeneration. The disc is made up of soft tissues that cushioned against the spaces in between vertebrae in the spine, allowing flexible movements without the vertebrae clashing against each other. Disc diseases, aging or spinal injuries trigger herniated disc. Continue reading