Arthritis in Fingers

Arthritis in fingers is described to be the swelling of joint that causes the patient a lot of pain. It gives discomfort that is quite disturbing in your daily activities. Arthritis comes in different types and among its types is called Osteoarthritis or the arthritis that occurs in finger joints.

The joint is the main target of Arthritis. This is a point in which two bones come in contact wherein both ends are covered with elastic tissues called cartilage. When you’re in motion, course your joints move, the bones rub against each other. Since, both bones are moving and in contact, friction is produced. Because of friction, depreciation of cartilage will be possible resulting to inflammation of joints. When this happens, normal movements of your fingers are affected or this makes your fingers unable to move. The common indication of Osteoarthritis is the inability of your fingers to move. Damaged cartilage of finger joints will result to Arthritis in Fingers.

However, this illness is treatable so, once symptoms are experienced home remedies are deemed necessary. To relieve pain because joints are inflamed, hot and cold compress would be helpful. It is not advisable to treat directly with oral medicines to avoid some side effects brought by too much medicine you are taking in. Just dip your finger on lukewarm water to relieve stiffness so with natural cold for this can alleviate the pain and swelling of joints. Once your fingers are swelling and cannot be moved because of pain. It is not advisable to let your fingers rest, this will aggravate the stiffness and swelling rather, let it move for hand therapy is essential to curing Arthritis in Fingers. Non- medicinal option treatment offer pain relief and extensive solution, no side effects and safe hence recommended as first-aid if you are suffering Osteoarthritis.

Another option is by using herbal medicines. There are some herbal plants proven to be effective against Arthritis in Fingers. Ginger extract is believed to be effective for it contains excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming ginger helps reduce swelling and pain. Ginger tea is also recommended to alleviate pain due to inflamed joints.
Once the symptoms of Arthritis in Fingers fall down, it is recommended to exercise your fingers. For this will prevent joint stiffness.

If these home and herbal remediation are not enough to relieve the pain of the sufferers then oral medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are advised. But must be prescribed by the professionals for Arthritis comes in different type and each type requires specific medicines. Prescription for oral medicine is a must do not take medicines that are not prescribed. These medicines provide indicative and temporary relief for these contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduced pain and swelling. There is a possibility that Arthritis symptoms would worsen when the patient stops taking these medicines.

Severe Arthritis in Fingers could be treated with Cortisone injections. This is done by directly injection Cortisone shots into the affected joint to relieve pain. This injection is considered to be exceptionally effective in relieving pain and symptoms that will last for several weeks. There are still some other options to relieve pain brought by Arthritis in Fingers.

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