You Have Nothing To Lose From Trying Yoga Exercise For Back Pain

Most of us spend a lot of our time in front of our computers or we have to sit in an office chair attending to numerous phone calls. Even if you are an entrepreneur that depends to a great extent on using the Internet to grow your business; you will know how easy it is to develop back pain on account of sitting in a single position for long hours. As you sit for long hours in front of your computer screen and type away you will be putting your body and its muscles in the lower back under tremendous strain.

Poor Shape Of Abdominal Muscles

In case the muscles in your abdomen are not strong or you have tight hamstrings back pain is a problem that you will in most likelihood have to deal with. Fortunately, you can perform yoga exercise for back pain and get welcome relief. In fact, there are five special yoga exercises for back pain that you must become aware about that can help do wonders for your back pain.

Yoga exercise for back pain number one is the one called seated trunk twist which requires that you be seated comfortably in a chair with your feet placed flat on the floor. Next, you have to raise up your elbows till they come up to shoulder level and then you need to clasp both hands together after which you need to inhale and then follow that by exhaling slowly while at the same time also making body twists from one side to the other.

The twisting motion must begin from the spine’s base and your back must remain straight throughout the time of stretching. Now, you need to inhale as your body becomes centered and then you must repeat this yoga exercise for back pain between three and five times in both directions – left and right.

Other wonderful yoga exercise for back pain include the Seated Cobra and the Seated Cat Stretch as too the Upward Arm Stretch and finally there is the Seated Spinal Twist. If you regularly practice each of these five yoga exercises for back pain you will get relief from the tension and also from the soreness that ails your back and this in turn assures you that you will start feeling more comfortable and will enjoy a healthier body as well.

Today, back pain accounts for millions and millions of people abstaining from work. The best thing to do when it concerns getting relief is to try exercising that along with some medications can help bring you back to even keel in next to no time.