Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

People who suffer from lower back pain often include Yoga into their treatment regime. Actually, Yoga is really good for pain’s recovery. In most cases, there is no doubt that practicing Yoga in a regularly basis will alleviate your back pain; if you are lucky enough, your lower back pain will be eased fully. Here are some recommended yoga exercises you might as well to follow.

● Cat Stretch
Kneel with your hands on the floor, your fingers apart and your back straight across. Make sure to keep your hands and your shoulders are in one line, and the same as your knees and your hips. Keep your head relaxed and toward the floor. Now, breathe steady. But while exhale, arch your back to the ceiling, push your chin toward your chest and tuck your tailbone in. Do to hold this pose for several breaths and then back to the original position. Two or three reps per time are recommended.

● Palm Tree
Begin from your feet with your arms lying by your sides. Concentrate all your weight in your two feet. Lift your arms above head and cross your fingers. Keep your hands move and your palms forward the ceiling. Lift your palms on top of your head and bend your head gradually. Extend your arms to the ceiling direction as possible as you can. Now stretch or relax your whole body something like you are being pulled up by some heaving objects. However, if it is difficult for you to balance your toes, you can just stay your feet only.

● Locust Pose
Lie on your stomach with your arms by your sides. Downward your palms with your elbows bent for a few seconds. Then lift your leg as high as possible only if it doesn’t cause you pain. Hold this pose for a second and repeat this for no more than five times. If your pain gets alleviated after several poses, you can increase your reps up to twelve times or more gradually. In order to prevent your muscles from strained, you’d better not to over-stretch your body.

● Corpse Pose
Lie on your back and relax your whole body. Put your arms by your sides with your palms down. And then relax your legs while turn it outward slightly. Do to bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor if you feel pain in your back. During the whole process, inhale and exhale several times gently and steadily.

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