Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief

As we all know that Yoga is a kind of exercise which is really good to our body. We always think that lower back pain is the persistent one. However, doing Yoga is really effective in relieving your back pain. The reason is that the problems can be solved in many and different ways by a regular yoga exercise. The muscles in your lower back can be strengthened and stretched through different poses, which will alleviate your chronic tension. The effect is so obvious since the stomach muscles work together with the lower back muscles to provide core stability. Your back pain will be alleviated during the process.

Many people stretch their back every day, but they may not realize that it is one of the most common but essential yoga poses. Stand with your feet close together and extended your spine. Bend forward at your hips gradually with your arms hangs loosely. The effect would be better if you can touch your toes in this position. But the effect will be still obvious even if you can bend a few inches only. Straighten your spine but not curl your back. If you can insist doing it everyday, the effect would be obvious and quick.

The effect of plow pose would be almost the same as stretching your back. But it just requires a slightly more intense way. Once you are used to doing it, you can relax yourself greatly. Lie down on your back. Lift your legs till your lower back is going to be off the floor. Then drop forward your feet to your head. If you are flexible enough to put your feet on the floor behind your head, the effect would be better. But if you are not so flexible, you can let your legs hang as comfortably as possible. Do this exercise once you have the opportunities to rest your feet on a chair or other support. Insist doing it, please.

Practicing twists can flex your spine in a different direction. In yoga, there are many and various twists. Standing or sitting with your spine extended and twisting to one side slowly is the commonest one. Turn your head to the direction you are twisting as far as you can. Bracing yourself by placing your hands on the floor, on the arms of your chair, or against a wall, and then deepen your stretch slowly and gently. Of course, you should practice in both directions.

There are many ways to stretch your spine through practicing gentle back bends. For example, stand with your feet apart slightly and your hands on your hips, and then looking up and bending your body backward slowly. Alternately, your can lie down on your back with your knees bent, and then raise your hip as possible as you can and raise your hands to support your lower back. In yoga, this is known as bridge pose.

Strong abdominal muscles are very important in stabilizing your spine and moving in a safe way. Boat is the yoga pose which can strengthen your abdominal muscles. Sit in the ground and extend your legs before you. Backward yourself slightly and raise your legs. Stretch your arms forward to other direction of your legs to balance your self. Straighten your back and legs until your body becomes “V” pose. Take a few deep breaths and exhale and downward your legs. Try to increase the repetitions after several practices.

You’d better to seek advice from your doctor before the therapeutic program if your pain is the severe and sudden one, or it related to an injury.

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