Yoga for Back Pain Relief

If you suffer from back pain, Yoga is more likely to alleviate or even relieve your pain no matter what cause your pain. To students, some yin and gentle formats of yoga exercises not only provide what the back requires but also can ease the pain by giving restorative and therapeutic stretches. Besides, there are intermediate and power yoga available which will do the same effects, and what’s more, they contribute to strengthen your back muscles which will support your back better.

There are several Yoga approaches can help you decrease and remove your back problems. Generally, meditation, breathing exercises and the non-competitive yoga poses can arouse students’ greater physical and mind awareness. There are various types of Yoga poses, such as Locust and Boat, and the effects of Yoga are also so obvious. For example, yoga can strengthen your lumbar and abdominal muscles which will support your back better. You will feel great comfortable and relaxed by doing twists and deep stretches since it will promote circulation to your muscles. Dancer and Tree are the balance poses which will mainly to ease and strengthen the back. The balance poses require you to pay more attention to your posture and spine. Do your best to adjust your improper postures.

If you suffer from sciatica problems, yoga poses such as Half Lord of the Fishes and Pigeon are very effective to you. The effects would be more obvious if you can hold these postures for more than one minute. If you are just recovered from back strains, do Child’s Pose will good for you. When you are standing or seated, you can perform Forward Folds to relax your lower back. If your work requires long time standing, you will surely benefit a lot from this. According to Dr. Don Glassey, developer of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique, seated and supine spinal twist poses improve flexibility in the back, replenish cerebrospinal fluid, which prevents your brain and spinal cord from hurting.

There is no doubt that back problems will lead to back pain easily. Besides, problems in other part of the body can also be the reasons for your back pain. Generally, tightened muscles in the hips and shortened hamstrings are the main causes. Stress is more likely to occur in your back, on your shoulder blades or lower backs. Yoga is a total natural treatment to relief your back pain. Practices, such as meditation, twists, balance work, strength-bearing poses and restorative stretches for the whole body will definitely alleviate your back pain. You’d better to do yoga at least 3 days a week since this will stretch and relax your muscles better to avoid the tension occur you again.

If you can perform Yoga correctly and insist doing it regularly, your back pain, even the chronic back pain can be alleviated or even relieved totally. According to a survey done by Seattle’s Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies, it shows that sufferers who are able to practice yoga for 75 minutes per week get the biggest benefits. To some yoga students who have hereditary spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis, only if you can build up a regular yoga practice, there is no doubt that most of your symptoms will disappear gradually.

The effects of yoga practice are varied from person to person. To people who suffer from Back sprains and strains, it is recommended not to use your back often. If you have fused or herniated discs and sciatica, the effects on you will may not so obvious than those who have not. It is very important for you to follow your doctor or physical therapist strictly if you want to get the biggest recovering. In addition, it would be better to get your Yoga teacher known about your back problems before starting class.

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