What to Do During Neck Pain and Headache?

For sure, you will not click on this article if you are not interested of knowing what neck pain and headache can do to your body and their relationship to each other. Anyway, neck pain and headache are two different illnesses but do have similarity. Posture is what makes these two illnesses become similar. Why? Take for instance, sitting and surfing in the internet or doing paper works using computer for the whole day can already make your neck stiff because of a stable position; and once your eyes are already irritated, headache then follows.

What really happens behind what we cannot see is this: The so-called sternocleidomastoid muscle, which covers the back of the ear up to the front part of neck, is so stretched. On the other hand, the muscles of the head on its back need to be strained so our head is still in balance. Because of this, we are putting pressure to a nerve called occipital nerve – a kind of nerve which is found at the skull’s base directly connected to the brain. Since this nerve is a MSN or major sensory nerve, neck pain can go straight in your head.

While it is true that good posture, like sitting straight, can prevent in neck pain and headaches any way, this does not mean that it is only the commonality of the two illnesses. Trauma may also be considered a factor to be able that neck pain and headache can be in connection. Neck pain and headaches are often felt by persons who have experienced trauma during an accident or incident especially those who are victims of vehicular accidents or bombing incidents. Doctors and specialists use an emergency therapy known as Cervical Curve Correction Device or CCCD, a kind of apparatus made to place around the neck to gradually realign any parts which have been dislocated.

Aside from the two preceding factors that can show the relationship between neck pain and headaches, it can also be traced that the two illnesses are related to each other by means of the lower part of the body like the legs and feet. A good example involves women, who are fond of wearing too tight stockings or high heeled boots. Through this, the muscles of the calves like adductor muscles can be stressed. Once stress is in its complete form and inflammation develops, the muscles become unstable turning its nerves to release fire and send signals of pain to the brain which, at the same time, bounces back to the legs and climbs up towards the head.

To finish this discussion, neck pain and headaches are two simple illnesses which, if not cured right away, can become severe illnesses afterwards such as headache to migraine. Over the drugstores, there are already over-the-counter medicines which can cure at an instant neck pain and headaches. Aspirin can be ingested to reduce pain. If you have allergy with medicines, you can go and have massage therapy for your body pains, either in head or neck. Lastly, if your body still does not response to any of the treatments, there is the so-called ONS or Occipital Nerve Stimulation. This is a non-invasive and can improve the response of the body over treatments.

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