What is Gout?

One of the first questions of people suffering from this form of arthritis is, “What is gout?” Basically gout is considered as among of the typical types of arthritis that can affect almost all of the joints in the human body. Because of the development of this kind of condition, it will enable a person to suffer from inconvenience of joint swelling, inflammation and intense pain. One of the most common parts of the body that is being affected by this condition is the big toe. But then, gout can also affect the other joints of the body which are heel, elbow, wrist, finger, instep and many more.

Causes of Gout

There are several causes of gout which are determined by the doctors. Based from the information sources, this condition is caused by a metabolism disorder. There is essentially a missing enzyme that is needed in breaking down or metabolism of the uric acid ingested by an individual. Aside from that, this is also related to the increase in the ingestion of food rich in purines. Examples of these are some seafood, poultry products, canned goods, glandular organs and most processed foods. There are also some health conditions which are referred to as the prime cause of the condition. Examples of these are hypertension, leukemia, diabetes and many more. Gout can affect more males than females.


It is very much important that the condition will be diagnosed few weeks after its onset. The main important of this is to use the right treatment that will correct the situation as well as to avoid possible worsening of the problem once late treatment will be given to an individual. The basic determinant of the presence of this condition is to measure the uric acid level in the body. By means of measuring the uric acid level, the doctor can determine if hyperuricemia is already present in an individual. Moreover, this can also be diagnosed using the assessment data gathered by the doctor.


There are various treatments that are indicated when a person is already suffering from gout. One of which is the use of medication which is called colchicine. Colchicine is already used in the treatment of gout decades ago. However, this is just approved by BFAD in the year 2009. Aside from that, experts are also suggesting water treatment for people suffering from gout. By consuming high volumes of water, the excess uric acid in the body can be flushed out. Moreover, this can also help eliminate the other toxins present in your body. Water will also provide your body with the lubrication that it needs. Avoidance of foods which are high in uric acid is also one of the best prevention and treatment for the problem. By limiting the foods high in purine, this will decrease the production of uric acid in your body, which is the cause why it deposits in your joints.

With the light of these facts, you will surely understand what gout really is. This will surely enable you understand the disease in a deeper sense.

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