Water Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Water exercises are often used by people to relief or relax back pain. The muscles in your back may not become inflamed and painful if the pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints was reduced. When you swimming, the water can contribute to support your body while you intend to increase the strength of the muscles in the back, which will prevent your from further stiffness and pain.

Before starting to use water exercises to relief or alleviate your back pain, you should have a 5 minutes’ warm up. Try to do the same type of movements at a slower pace, and included in the exercises you plan to do. Your body temperature, breathing pattern and heart rate can be adjusted to the levels needed for aerobic exercise through warming up. So warming up is necessary.

In the day time, you should drink plenty of water to prevent you from lacking of water when exercises. However, in most cases, you may still in lacking of water. Anyway, to keep the muscles in your back away from tightening, you should drink as much water as you can before, during and after your exercises.

You will benefit a lot from the warm water since it can relax your whole body. If you are going to use the water to do some aerobic exercises, the water temperature should be at least 80 degrees.

In addition, standing against the wall in the shallow end of the water and performing squats in sets of five can also have great effects in relieving your stiffness back muscles. Apart your feet for shoulder-width distance and keep it a few inches away from the wall, and then crouch down slowly to slide down your back to the wall.

What’s more, you can choose to walk or march continuous 10 to 15 minutes in the water. The muscles in your back and abdominals can be strengthened through this low-impact aerobic exercises, and it will not place pressure or stress on the discs and joints in your back.

Before getting out of the water, you’d better to cool yourself for 5 minutes or so by walking through the water slowly. Doing this can readjust the muscles in your back into the normal resting states, and what’s more, it can prevent you from any unnecessary soreness. So do to do it.

If you are going to begin a new exercise plan, go to visit your doctor first since he or she may advice you which kind of exercises will not cause your back pain further or which one works on you best. In addition, some of your health problems which may be aggravated by exercise can also be solved by your doctor.

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