Using Hyzaar to Treat Gout

For those who are suffering from the effect of gout, a painful, sometime debilitating condition that primarily affects the lower joints of the body. Usually centered in the joints of the feet, ankles and knees, there have been a number of prescribed gout treatments along with certain herbs and home remedies that have provided relieve. But one newer form of gout treatment comes from a prescribed medication that was originally used for controlling high blood pressure.  Known as Hyzaar, this drug is now used for gout treatment and contains some unique properties which can greatly reduce the inflammation, swelling and pain caused by gout.

The drug Hyzaar features a combination of angiotensin receptor blockers with a standard diuretic. The blocker functions to relax blood vessels while the diuretic, for reasons that are still somewhat unclear in the medical community, reduces blood pressure. This unique combination has effects that go beyond reducing blood pressure.  One relatively new application is gout treatment and the results so far have been quite positive.

The diuretic element of Hyzaar helps dilute the waste products found in the blood and allows the kidneys to clear out uric acid in greater amounts. The buildup of uric acid in the blood is the cause of gout when the kidneys cannot clear it out of the system.  The remaining acid remains drifts downward in the body through the blood system and eventually pools in the lower parts of the body, usually the legs and the feet. Although in rare cases, usually due to injury, the uric acid may enter other joints of the body such as the elbow.

In these joint areas the uric acid gathers and begins to crystallize or harden. The results are a reduction of mobility and swelling of the joint which causes a great deal of pain. If enough uric acid invades the joint, it can push out against the skin, forming lumpy patches. Such attacks of gout can last up to ten days or more depending on the severity.

Hyzaar has proven to be a very effective form of gout treatment as the diuretic dilutes the uric acid and helps the kidneys clear it from the body. Combining Hyzaar with drinking more fluids such as water, exercise and a healthy diet for gout treatment can help prevent the buildup of uric acid. The intake of additional water is important to keep the fluid level of the body at normal.

Those who are pregnant or are going to become pregnant should not use Hyzaar. Along with those who have kidney problems or people who are taking medicines which may cause an adverse reaction when combined with Hyzaar. Allergic reactions to Hyzaar, such as the swelling of the hands or other parts of the body have been known to happen to certain people, though it is rare.  If such reactions occur, then contact your physician immediately is recommended.

Hyzaar has proven to be an effective gout treatment. Combining the intake of Hyzaar with exercise, drinking additional water and eating a healthy diet can result in reducing the buildup of uric acid and the prevention of further attacks of gout.

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