Upper Left Back Pain Occurs Because Of Strained Or Injured Ligaments And Muscles

The first thing that you need to be aware about in regard to studying upper left back pain is that this form of upper back pain is often not very different than upper right back pain. In a majority of instances, back pain occurs because of stress or injury to the ligaments and also to the muscles attached to your vertebrae. If you overuse your back muscles and ligaments you leave you open to suffering from upper left back pain because such overuse can lead to inflamed and torn ligaments.

Localized Pain

The main characteristic of upper left back pain seems to be that you will feel pain in a certain area of the upper back and this pain can often turn chronic and can also be quite severe. Along with these pain patients suffering from upper left back pain may also experience muscle spasms that occur on account of use of strained or overworked muscles.

When suffering from upper left back pain it is also common for the patient to experience pain when drawing in deep breaths and the same is the case if the affected area is touched. In addition, moving of the shoulders and also the neck too can lead to upper left back pain as well as to experiencing lack of mobility in the neck region.

The most common reason why a person develops upper left back pain is strained muscles and also because of having sprained the ligaments which in turn occur because of too much pressure from doing certain activities such as perhaps exercising too severely. The end result of this pressure is that the tissues may have stretched more than they are capable of and that can lead to tears and damage that in turn causes upper left back pain.

The treatment of upper left back pain can take several different paths though consulting a physician is desirable to find out which treatment option is best for your particular condition. Use of anti-inflammatory medications is recommended to treat strained muscles and in addition you should also do stretching exercises though within limits of your endurance. In case your upper left back pain is very severe then you might even need to have surgery performed to cure the condition.

There are numerous possible upper back pain causes though a few common causes that need to be understood include poor posture, whiplash, back strain and back injuries. In the case of women, owning a pair of large breasts too has been found to be a reason why they might suffer from upper back pain.