Upper Back Pain Relief

You are more likely to suffer from tight legs and hamstrings if you have upper back pain problem as I do. It is acceptable and understandable if you are not willing to take medications to relieve your pain since the side effects would be great if improper. Here are some ways which will contribute to alleviate or relieve your pain without medication. You might as well to try.

In my daily life and work, I always seek some continuous time as much as can to stretch myself. Take it easy, the reason for the continuous stretching time lies in that I may breathe into the stretch and be absorbed completely through the pulling and lengthening of the muscles and tendons.

If you want to gain the obvious effect, you have to insist doing it since it is not an instant or short program. Lie down on the floor and raise one leg to the air, then catch your leg at the calf. If possible, you can try to hold onto your foot for a longer time stretch by breathing. Breathing releases the worry of the stretch with your exhale. Do to enjoy the muscles stretching and pulling gently and slowly.

In the morning, when you wake up, and before leaving your bed, lie down on you back and raise your knees like you are going to sit up with your feet planted on the bed. Catch the left ankle to rest your left foot on your right knee with your left knee points away from your body. This stretch will contribute you to open up your hips. Then turn to catching the right ankle, and do the same. It is sure that what gets done on one side must be done on the other of the body.

If you are very busy with chores and duties work, you can spend a minute on bending your two legs to touch your toes. The effect would occur if you insist doing it four times a day and increase gradually. It is no doubt that it will contribute to relieve your back pain if you could do these stretches everyday. You’d better to seek advice from a Chiropractor, Bowing, or someone who specializes in body mechanics if this does not work on you.

In addition, filtered water will help you let out the dumping of toxins that formed from cramped muscles and tension. Furthermore, filtered water will increase flexibility and toning for the body moves with water too. So do to drink filtered water. Otherwise, if you like, you can choose to drink tea without sweetener since it will raise your energy level and pump you with natural healing properties. So filtered water and teas without sweetener are both work. Anyway, it depends on you.

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