Trigger Points Therapy for Neck Pain

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are knotted areas in muscles of the body, which is usually responsible for pain in other areas of the body, including neck and jaw pain. The common practice of trigger point therapy is to massage these points to reduce pain.

Neck pain is attributed to trigger points in the shoulders and upper back, in muscles including the trapezius, levator scapulae and infraspinatus.

If the right causes of your pain have been diagnosed, having trigger points treated will surely provide relief of your pain. You are likely to perform self-treatment when you have the right points massaged.

You can apply varying degrees of pressure to the right trigger points, and/or massage the spot with circular motions. Pressure must be applied held in order to reduce sensitivity and rob the trigger of all motions (at least 30 seconds).

Many people think that trigger points always send their pain to some other site. (i.e., neck pain when a point in the trapezius is under pressure.). If a point causes local pain as a result of pressure it is also a trigger point.

For self-treatment, you need to collect information such as illustrations to provide a reliable basis for identifying the correct trigger points. Meanwhile, consulting a well-qualified therapist is also an ideal option.