Treatment Of Chronic Low Back Pain

Low back pain is something that is characterized by feeling pain in the lower regions of the body, especially close to where the spine and the buttocks meet. In most cases, low back pain disappears on its own after a few days or even weeks though it can turn into an acute condition if it lasts for about six weeks. If however, the pain persists for as many as three months then you will need to seek treatment of chronic low back pain.

Slow Or Sudden Pain

The treatment of chronic low back pain can vary according to the manner in which you experience low back pain which can either be slow pain or one that occurs suddenly. This pain will of course affect your body as a whole and it can even spread to the buttocks and down into your legs and then on to your feet. The main reasons why you would need to seek treatment of chronic low back pain are because of having strained your muscles or ligaments or tendons and even the bones. There is however no clear reason as to why such strain occurs in individuals which means that different individuals will need to seek different treatment of chronic low back pain because the causes will vary from one person to the next.

The best treatment of chronic low back pain seems to be physical therapy which involves first educating the patient about how to maintain the right posture and move in the right manner. Then, it will involve using different therapy methods to provide relief. Typically, physical therapy treatment of chronic low back pain involves applying heat and also using electric stimulations and even ultrasound to cure the affected regions of the body.

In fact, in regard to using physical therapy in the treatment of chronic low back pain you will need to perform certain exercises that will help improve your body’s flexibility and also strengthens the muscles in the back, especially the muscles that support your spine. The physical therapy treatment of chronic low back pain can involve one or more exercises that can be performed individually or in combination and include low impact aerobics and swimming and bicycling and walking as too strength training exercises.

Of course, in regard to treating chronic back pain it is first of all necessary that you consult a doctor who will find out the exact chronic back pain causes. Once the doctor learns about the possible causes he can then recommend suitable treatment options which hopefully will help provide much relief.