Thoracic Back Pain Relief

Thoracic back pain is the one occurs on the upper back. In correspondence to chest and its surrounding, the word thoracic refers to the upper part of the spine. In many cases, some people often complain of discomfort between their neck and lumber spine. If you do not take any effective measures or even ignore it, this discomfort or uneasiness may cause you intense pain in your upper thoracic back.. If you want to identify a pain between the end of your neck to the beginning of lumbar spine, you’d better to seek advice from doctor. Your doctor may suggest you to do exercises especially when you are in beginning state of the symptom. However, before trying any kinds of exercises, you and your doctor should know clearly about the cause of your symptoms.

The reasons for upper back pain are many and varied. Generally, people who have problems with soft tissues such as ligaments or irritation in muscles are more likely to suffer upper back pain. However, it can occur on everyone if you always keep poor posture, lack strength or has undergone a trauma caused by accidents. In addition to this, your back pain may also be caused by the problems with joints connecting the vertebra and ribs. Fortunately, as to patients who are suffering from pain in their lumber spine region, there is no need for them to worry about it since their pains can be relieved through kinds of exercises.

What’s more, doing regular exercise not only relax your stiffness muscles but also can relieve your upper back pain effectively. Followings are some effective exercises.

● Pectoralis Stretch

Firstly, stand in the passage of the door and grasp its frame. Secondly, lean forward to tighten the muscles of your chest for about 15 seconds every time. In order to get better effects, you should do it at least three times.

● Arm Slides

Firstly, stand closely against a wall with your back facing the wall. Then, put up your arms along the wall with your palm facing outward. Thirdly, raise your hands up and down, which can stretch and relax your muscles in the upper back.

● Scapular Squeezes

Firstly, bend elbows with your palms facing outward. Secondly, raise your arms up to the side of your body. Finally, do your best to move your hands backward for at lease 20 times.

● Mid Trap Exercise

Firstly, lie flat on your stomach with a pillow placed under your chest. And then raise your arms up to about 90 degree to your torso. Thirdly, squeeze your shoulder when raising your arms. Alternatively, you can also lift small weight when doing this exercise. It is advisable to repeat it at least 20 times.

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