The Truth About Alternative Arthritis Pain Relief

If you have ever experienced pain from arthritis, you know that sometimes you start to feel desperate to find relief. Many sufferers of arthritis seek alternative arthritis pain relief treatments. These treatments may not be harmful in and of themselves but there is no concrete evidence that suggests that all of them really work. So before you pull out your wallet and buy the latest alternative arthritis remedy, weigh your options carefully.

Some arthritis sufferers choose alternative arthritis pain relief treatments if conventional treatments have given little to no results or if they cause harsh side effects. Alternative treatments include supplements, herbs, and acupuncture. If you choose to use an alternative therapy for rheumatoid arthritis relief or osteoarthritis relief, it is important to realize that it may not have been approved by the FDA or extensively studied.

Some pain relieving herbs and supplements include primrose oil, devil’s claw, capsaicin, and avocado/soy. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory thus helpful for alternative arthritis pain relief. You can get Omega 3 fatty acids from your food, such as through cold water fish, beans, fruits, and flax seed.

The Most Recommended Alternative Therapies

According to surveys done on arthritis sufferers as well as research, the most promising alternative arthritis pain relief treatments are capsaicin, glucosamine, acupuncture, relaxation, biofeedback, meditation, journal writing, yoga, and spirituality.

Exercise is a very effective alternative arthritis pain relief treatment. Gentle exercises such as swimming, biking, and water aerobics are recommended. High impact exercises such as jogging are not recommended because they can cause stress to your joints. Yoga is a helpful exercise for arthritis sufferers because it works with the mind-body connection.

Acupuncture doesn’t cure arthritis but it has been studied extensively and is known to be an effective way to manage arthritis pain. It reduces the stress that is associated with a chronic condition like arthritis. A 2004 study showed that acupuncture significantly reduces the pain of arthritis. Many doctors report that their patients have gotten relief from arthritis pain through acupuncture.

New research suggests that glucosamine and chondritin supplements can be helpful for people with moderate to severe arthritis pain. Taking 1,500 milligrams of oral glucosamine sulfate for three years is the most effective way to stop the degenerative process that leads to arthritis pain, according to studies. Glucosamine and chondritin supplements are also very safe.

In conclusion, some alternative arthritis pain relief treatments really do work but you have to choose wisely. The quality and efficacy of supplements and treatments varies so you have to explore your options thoroughly. So get out there and start researching alternative arthritis pain relief treatments so you can find safe and natural relief for your arthritis pain.