The Lowdown On Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back doesn’t need to run your life anymore. There are several lower back pain treatment options that have helped millions of people to live in comfort again.

Oftentimes, lower back pain is caused by muscle strain or injury to the muscles and/or discs that comprise the lower back. The most common cause, behind overuse of the back muscles, is a herniated disc, which occurs when lifting heavy loads improperly, or playing a strenuous sport. This “slipped” disc puts pressure on a spinal nerve, and as anyone who has ever had a slipped disc knows, causes a lot of pain. Other possibilities include fractures to the vertebrae or osteoarthritis (more common in older people).

Contrary to popular belief, resting the back muscles is not the most effective way to cure back pain. In fact, staying immobile longer than a couple of days may actually make the pain worse. A person with back pain should stay active to avoid weakening the muscles. There are plenty of over the counter medications one can take to help with the pain, allowing him or her to remain active.

There are exercises that will aid in back pain relief that have been useful to many people, but it is essential to make sure to do the right exercises, as some will actually aggravate the pain. For instance, partial crunches are great for strengthening back, leg and stomach muscles, but sit-ups will just put too much strain on the back. Hamstring stretches, pelvic curls, and knee-to-chest stretches done while lying on your back are great, but leg lifts will be detrimental.

Also avoid exercises like bicep curls and other exercises that involve lifting weights above the waist. Squats done with your back pressed against the wall can also be a wonderful addition to a lower back pain treatment routine. Of course, before beginning any treatment exercise, it is important to get the opinion of a doctor or physical therapist.

With care, acute back pain usually goes away within a couple weeks or months. Any pain lasting longer than three months is considered chronic, and may need further treatment. Laser surgery is now available to treat injuries such as a herniated disc, and is minimally invasive. It is much more favorable than the traditional surgery where muscles have to be stripped away to repair the disc. Many people are now considering this option rather than months or even years of pills to relieve their pain.

In the end, treatment options depend upon the specific injury or cause of pain. Meeting with a doctor will help determine the best course of action for acute or chronic lower back pain treatment. Just a few options have been outlined here.

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