The Importance of Low Back Stretching

Stretching is always important, especially before any type of exercise or other physical activity, but it is important to remember that there are different types of stretching for the different areas of the body. Low back stretching, for instance, which uses stretching exercises that stretch the muscles in and around the lower back area, is important to understand about.

Low Back Stretching

When it comes to low back stretching one of the best exercises you can do is the squatting lower back stretch. To do, you need to stand facing hip height fixed bar, approximately an arm’s length away. You want to grasp the fixed bar, and then keeping your feet flat on the floor you need to squat down as low as you can and bend down with your arms kept straight.

Lean back slightly and then allow your shoulders to stretch forward and hold. Repeat several times, and make sure to stop and hold the stretch as soon as you feel a slight pull in your lower back muscles.

Another great low back stretching exercise is called early morning. To execute, you simply need to lie on the ground in the correct posture, and then bring your arms above your head so that they are pointing straight up over your head. Stretch your body by pointing your toes and arms in opposite directions, stretching both as far each way as you can. Remember that your focus here should be on elongating your body.

It is important to not overextend your arms or lower back, but rather only extend to a comfortable level so that you will not be straining any muscles. Hold for about thirty seconds, relax, and repeat several times.

The kick is another ideal low back stretching exercise another that is very simple to perform. Here you just lie down on your back with your knees bent slightly, move one knee up and then back, making sure not to pull your leg into position. Then you want to slowly straighten your leg until you feel a mild bit of tension, and then hold for about thirty seconds.

All of these stretching exercises are great for stretching the lower back, and just make sure that you take your time and never rush with these or any other stretching exercise, because if you do you are more likely to put strain on your muscles and end up sore rather than flexible and relaxed.