The Effects of Arthritis And Alternative Medicine

Arthritis is a disease of the joints, ligament, tendons and bones in which they become inflamed. Or destroyed, causing much pain for the individual with h\this disease. This disease of the joints and bones affect numerous parts of our body including some organs.

There are several dozens of different kinds of arthritis. There are some with different cause while others have similar ones. These causes can be build up of crystals or uric acid on ligaments and joints which make movement of any kind painful.

Most medical practitioners recommend pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain of the disease. These are actually chemically formulated medication that can sometimes harm us when taken regularly. Many of the people who suffer from this degenerative disease start to feel the symptoms around their fiftieth year. Due to the sudden popularity of alternative medicine, these people have resorted to treating arthritis with alternative medicine.

Arthritis And Alternative Medicine Remedies

There are plenty alternative medicines which can affect the symptoms and causes of arthritis. Arthritis and alternative medicine remedies have been around for centuries. These herbal concoctions are not the same with the chemical drugs and medications that doctors often prescribe to their patients. Curing arthritis and alternative medicine a remedy to alleviate its discomfort is still being practiced especially in Asia and in other parts of the world. Some of the more effective alternative medicine for arthritis is acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicine. These are all from the east and they have been practiced their for centuries.

Chiropractic and acupuncture both have something to do with parts of the body being responsible for other parts. Those who suffer from arthritis and alternative medicine believers may find that these two are highly effective in alleviating and even decreasing the inflammation and pain. Chiropractic medicine believes that the spine is the central point of a person’s well being. The correct alignment and position of the vertebrae supports the overall well being and health of a person. Regular visits are needed to maintain the health of the person.

Herbal medicine is a popular source of remedy for arthritis and alterative medicine. The many tinctures, oils and teas help to relieve the discomfort of the individual. These herbal concoctions are better than most chemically formulated drugs because our bodies recognize them as organic elements which are similar to our make up. Oils can immediately ease the pain of the person due to the direct application on the affected area.