Synvisc Therapy For Arthritis

You probably are not yet familiar with the term Synvisc.  Well, no wonder for this name has just recently been coined.  It refers basically to a substance formulated to be injectable.  It is developed from cartilage cells of rooster and is marketed throughout the United States, Europe and other areas in the world under the name “motor oil”.  It is known by experts though as the “lube for the joint”.

Synvisc takes Hylan as its generic name.  Hylan comes from the word Hyaluronan, which medically and scientifically is considered as a substance secreted by the cells within the joint’s cartilage.  It is the substance present in Synvisc, and is considered by medical pros as one of the biggest and most important molecular aspects of the synovial (joint) fluid that gives its slippery and viscous property.  It is this slippery quality that allows the joints’ surfaces to just slide and glide upon each other without any pains and hurts.  So in case of arthritis, the Synvisc, which contains that slippery substance, restores the smooth gliding of the joints’ surfaces back in shape.

Now, how is Synvisc applied to treat arthritis?

Simple! Being an injectable solution, Synvisc is just applied to a patient suffering from arthritis through a series of injections.  The series often comes with three to five injections, depending on the severity of the condition.  Several researches and studies have been conducted to highlight how effective this solution will be for treating arthritis, and it is nice to know that from those studies, it was found out that the Synvisc is so effective in eliminating the pains and other symptoms of this degenerative joint disease.  Other than that, Synvisc is so easy to apply.  All you need to do is to inject it into the joint of your knee or the affected area with the use of a needle.

Although that promising, there are still no definite claim that will support the effectiveness of the said solution.  Several experts have in fact said that this promising, newest advancement in the medical field is still further studied.  No accurate and clear understanding is formed until now to lay down the level of reliability that this injectable solution carries.  The early tests performed for this treatment were only conducted in few patients, and the follow up period was only taken shortly.  And, unlike the other treatments already introduced on the market, Synvisc is also proven to alleviate the arthritic pain.

Perhaps the only notable benefit of Synvisc ever told is its being capable of delaying the replace surgery for people suffering from knee joint inflammation.  And, to date, no particular side effect is revealed associating with the use of Synvisc.

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