Symptoms of Gout

Gout can develop more in male rather than in female. But this does not mean that women should not be conscious with the things they eat especially in terms of ingesting foods rich in purine. And when the condition is present, you have to know some of the possible remedies that can help cure the condition. But before knowing the possible treatment for the problem, you must first learn the symptoms of gout that will develop in an affected individual.

Sensitivity of Joint

One of the main symptoms of gout is joint sensitivity. Among all the symptoms of gout, this will provide a clue to an individual that he is already suffering the condition especially in its onset phase. Basically, the joints are become swollen, very sensitive, irritated and feel hot. The sensitivity can be triggered even with the slightest touch and pressure. The main affected joint is in the big toe. Once this part is already affected, the condition is called as Podagra. The problem can be assessed when a person is walking, and there is intense pain that will be felt.

Joint Pain

Aside from joint sensitivity, a person will also suffer from joint pain, which is one of the fundamental symptoms of gout. In this manifestation, this can sometimes occur in great intensity, and there are also some times wherein it is just tolerable. The period where there is too much pain is called as the exacerbation attacks. On the other hand, there are also some periods wherein the person is not suffering pain, or there is just very minimal level of discomfort.

Skin Peeling and Itching

Aside from the mentioned symptoms of gout, a person affected with this condition might also suffer from skin peeling and itching. This is among of the symptoms of gout which is very much noticeable. Of course, this manifestation is felt in the affected joint usually surrounding the affected part. Usually, it starts from itching then it is followed by peeling of the skin cells. But then, this symptom of gout is usually felt once the condition has already subsided.

Red Discoloration of the Skin

You can also notice that people suffering from gout will manifest red discoloration of the skin. Like the aforementioned symptom, this usually happens when the gout attack has already subsided. Since the big toe is the first joint which is affected, this manifestation of the disease is seen in this part of your body. Sometimes, this is accompanied by pain. But there are also some instances wherein redness is only observed in the skin of affected individuals.

These are just among of the symptoms of gout that you have to remember. Right after the development of one of these symptoms of gout, you have to seek for medical consultation immediately  in order to determine if there is gout or not. What is also good with immediate consultation is that it will enable you to halt the progress of the disease and easily stop or treat the condition. Following the medication treatment is also essential in order to treat the condition easily.

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