Symptoms of Arthritis

I bet everybody knows about arthritis. You probably have read some information about it on health magazines, newspapers, journals, or some medical books. You may even have heard some news about it on televisions, radios, or even on the Internet. Or, probably, one of your parents has been suffering from this medical threat for years now. Whatever made you realize about arthritis, note that the concept is not just a simple and easy to understand matter. Fact is, it is a bit complex condition that if left ignored or untreated will further cause serious medical conditions.

What is Arthritis?

Dictionaries and encyclopedias often define arthritis as a medical condition brought by inflammation of the joints. That is also what medical experts say, and many even have linked the condition to the inflammation of the joints’ cartilage. This disease can be degenerative, making it one of the toughest conditions to treat. It is characterized simply by pain around or in one or more joints which may vary depending on the severity of the condition. For the most severe, the future can possibly be worse since the pains and stiffness may lead to tissue damage.

Symptoms of Arthritis

When it comes to symptoms, arthritis is often identified as something that is truly painful. The level of pain, however, is dependent on how severe or mild the condition, as well as according to the type of arthritis detected. These symptoms may include the following;

• Swelling
• Pain
• Stiffness
• Fatigue
• Rashes
• Tenderness
• Warmth
• Redness
• Fever

Such symptoms will occur particularly on the area affected, often around the joints, except for the fever. As mentioned, they vary from person to person, making it important for every affected party to know the severity of the condition closely.

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