Surgery For Back Pain

In most cases, it is not a good idea to resort surgery to treat the back pain. In other words, if back pain can be relieved by surgery, it means that this kind of back pain is not the serious one. Only in cases of emergency, such as spinal deformities, nerve damage and pinched nerves, a surgery is a good choice.

It is important to think carefully that how your back pain exerts the influences on your daily life and whether it prevents you from your normal activities. Some experienced back pain sufferers find that resort surgery is as well as resort time.

Some of cases that need to resort surgery are as follow:

The first one is the slipped disc. Slipped discs are a potentially painful problem which is damaged. In it, the hard outer coatings of the discs are the circular pieces of the connective tissue which cushion the bones of the spine. It allows the jelly-like discs approach to the leak, then stimulate the around nerves. This may bring about serious sciatica and nerve pain along the leg. A slipped disc is also called a ruptured disc or a herniated disc.

The second one is the spinal stenosis. It is the narrowing of the spinal canal where the spinal cord and spinal nerves run across here.

Generally speaking, the spinal stenosis is resulted from the overgrowth of the bone which caused by the osteoarthritis of the spine. The spinal stenosis then brings about the shrink of the nerves, which will not only give rise to the pain, but also to the stiff in the leg and loss of the balance of bladder and bowel. Therefore, it is very difficult for the sufferers to walk even a few steps, and they may suffer from not only the pain in the legs but also the accompanied with the stiffness and tingling.

The third one is called spondylolisthesis. It is the condition that a vertebra of the lumbar spine deviate the original routine. The gap between the slipped vertebra and adjacent vertebrae would be increased when the spines try to fasten themselves. Spondylolisthesis may bring about not only slight back pain, more seriously, it will give rise to serious sciatica leg pain.

The fourth one is vertebral fractures. Generally, fractures are resulted from trauma to the vertebrae of the spine or crumbling of the vertebrae which caused by osteoporosis. In most cases, vertebral fractures may bring give rise to mechanical back pain, and it may also place great pressure on the nearby nerves, then leg pain occurs.

Finally, but not the least is the discogenic low back pain. In most cases, people’s discs are worsen gradually throughout their lifetime, however, in rare cases, this stepped process may come up with chronically painful, which may seriously lower the quality of people’s life.

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