Suggestions For Acute Low Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is a sensation that a person feels in the area of his or her lower back. There are many different causes of low back pain as there are also several acute low back pain treatment options. The term acute lower back pain means that the pain is usually temporary and can last anywhere from a couple of days to a month or two. Of course, the degree of back pain in the lower back may vary depending on the injury that the individual has incurred.

Causes Of Acute Lower Back Pain

The causes of acute lower back pain are what define the form of acute lower back pain treatment. Acute lower back pain treatment can not be applied effectively or specifically until the cause is identified and diagnosed. There are times when the cause of lower back pain may not be known but the pain will react positively to the acute lower back pain treatment applied to it.

Injury or damage to the structure of the spine and its nearby areas can cause acute lower back pain. There are various kinds of injuries or damage which cab result to acute lower back pain but the most common are over straining, muscle spasms, pinched nerves and fractures. Over straining as well as muscle spasms are injuries which can happen when a person is exercising or lifting something which is too heavy or lifts it the wrong way. Even poor posture can result to lower back pain. Pinched nerves and fractures may happen when a herniated disc from the spine is damaged and this in turn pinches the nerves near it resulting to discomfort and pain.

Treating Low Back Pain

Acute lower back pain treatment is initially in the form of medication. Over the counter pain relievers are what doctors and other medical experts generally used for chronic and acute lower back pain treatment. Severe back pain treatment may come in the form of codeine and other related drugs. Muscle relaxant are also another option for acute lo back pain treatment but there are some concerns regarding their side effects after long term use. Medication in the form of acute low back pain treatment should also be accompanied by warm compresses and massage therapy in order to help ease the inflammation and keep the muscles and ligaments in motion.

Acute low back pain treatment options does not include surgery and other drastic spinal manipulation since acute back pain usually goes away after some time unlike chrnic back pain.