Sudden Upper Back Pain

It strikes without warning, usually while trying to stand or by catching your balance you feel the sudden upper back pain that is the sure sign of a muscle spasm. You feel instant pain that stays with you for the next two to three day, sometimes longer depending on the severity and is especially annoying when you move around or try to find a comfortable position.

A muscle spasm is an uncontrolled reaction by your muscles that results in tightening, followed by soreness as the muscles are generally not prepared for such movements.

Sudden upper back pain will strike most everyone at some point in their lives. It is one of the most common medical ailments and there are numerous treatments for dealing with the symptoms. From simple rest to prescribed medications, people have used a myriad of treatments for dealing with sudden upper back pain going back to before recorded history.

While many modern treatments are highly effective, it should be no surprise that some of the oldest and simplest methods are also very effective as well. Before running to your physician for expensive drugs or treatments, you may want to first try a few simple methods that cost very little or are free and can provide excellent relieve from the symptoms of sudden upper back pain.

Stretching: Gentle stretching to pull and loosen the muscle groups can reduce the sudden upper back pain. Be sure to stretch slowly without doing any additional harm to your back muscles.

Exercise: The importance of increasing blood flow to the affected muscle areas will help to hasten the healing process. Exercise can help to achieve this without being used directly with those same affected muscle groups. Walking for example is a great cardio exercise that will increase blood flow all through the body, bringing relief from some of the pain affecting that area.

Massage: The gentle, but direct massage of the muscle groups will help to loosen them up and increase blood flow to those areas. Plus, the specific attention of hands or device used in that area will take the edge off the pain.

Heat: The pain generally felt after a muscle spasm attack is soreness that can be greatly relieved by the application of heat to that particular region. Heat pads are very inexpensive and a plastic bag of hot water can do the trick as well, though it should not be so hot as to scald the skin. The heat will help loosen the muscles and bring in more blood flow to heal the affected area. The pain should substantially subside over a few hours and the muscle groups will generally heal faster than if left untreated.

Aspirin: This most common pain reliever is also very effective for sudden upper back pain. Aspirin increases blood floor and brings mild relief to the affected area causing it to recover faster. Generic Aspirin is very inexpensive and can be used at recommended times for maximum pain relief.

These are but a few methods you can use to treat sudden upper back pain. Consult with your physician if the pain persists or for more advanced treatments.

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