Stretches for Upper Back Pain Relief

One of the more effective ways to treat upper back pain is also one that does not cost you a dime. It’s both simple and effective that almost anyone can do to take the edge off the pain and directly treat the affected areas of the back. Stretching is one of the oldest and most proven natural methods to treat upper back pain.

Of course, before you start using stretches immediately the first step is to understand the type of upper back pain that you are experiencing. In most cases it will be from either overuse of the muscle groups or from a muscle spasm which is the sudden, involuntary movement of the muscle group. In these common occurrences, stretches are one of the most effective natural means of treating the pain. However, if your upper back pain has no discernable cause, is consistent and grows in intensity then it may be a sign of a more serious condition. In this case you should seek out a physician to examine this more serious form of upper back pain.

Otherwise, you can uses stretches to help treat and relieve the upper back pain. You’ll want to warm up a bit first before starting your stretching routine however as putting cold muscles to work may cause more harm than good. A good way to help warm up your muscles is by doing some simple walking in place or even taking a short walk to help get the blood flow going. Walking can actually be a good way to start the healing process of your upper back pain.

After you take a few minutes to warm up, you can begin your stretches. You’ll want to find the most comfortable position to stretch. This usually means standing up, sitting or lying down. The first rule is to do no additional harm, so the position that is most comfortable is the one you should start.

Standing: If you choose this position, you have several types of stretches to choose from in relieving your upper back pain.

–       Backward Bend: Simply lean back gently which contracts, then expands the muscles.

–       Pelvis Push: Hands on hips, gently push your pelvis forward while keeping your feet still.

–       Stretching Upwards: Reach up with one hand towards the ceiling, then the other.

Sitting: This position provides support and if effective if you have trouble balancing.

–       Single Knee Raise: Raise one knee up towards your chest then alternate.

–       Double Knee Raise: Raise both knees up towards your chest.

–       Bend Forward: Hands on hips or arm rest, bend forward slowly, then raise back.

Laying Down: While this can be very comfortable, it will limit your mobility in doing stretches somewhat.

–       Press Up: A Push up without raising your stomach, knees or feet. Bending the back.

–       Stomach Crunch: On your back with hands behind head rise up slightly, and then repeat.

These are but a few stretches that can help you find relief from upper back pain. You can use over the counter medicine, heat pads and massage to help augment the effects of the stretching routine.

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