Stretches for Lower Back Pain

As we all know, many people suffer from lower back pain. However, you may not know that many lower back pains can be relieved by various stretches. Our this article is mainly discuss on how to relieve or alleviate your lower back pains through doing stretches.

Firstly, wear a set of loose clothes, such as Yoga clothes, and find a clean place on the floor that isn’t too hard. You’d better to place a mat on the floor, if it is non-available, a carpet also works.

Secondly, Follow the Yoga system to do a full stretch. 6-8 different stretch movements would be better. Here are two different ones you may as well to try.

● Spinal Twist

Begin to sit on the floor and cross one leg over the other one with the lower one flat on the floor.
According to Jamie Knee, a traditional stretching programs fitness guru, she said that students or youth should better to stretch forward. However, when her client stretch to the side, the results are good too. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds when you lean back, and then back to the position slowly. Repeat this for twice. Then, reverse your legs, so your whole body can get stretched.

● The Pretzel

It is very similar with a common stretch prescribed where you lay on your back and upward your knees to stretch your back. Now Jamie taught you to cross one leg over the other one which can add a hamstring stretch to the equation. Count ten and then reverse the other legs. Repeat this for twice or more.


In the medical field, stretch to ease lower back pain has got approval from many experts. According to American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, stretching can relax and strong your muscles in the back, stomach, hips and thighs areas. What’s more, stretching is pain free. Do not to try some difficult stretch movements. Stretch slowly, or bouncing may occur which will lead to tear muscles. So before going to start a new movement, you’d better to seek advice from your doctors who will tell whether it is safe enough and works on you.

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