Stiff Neck Remedies

This article will teach you what you should do when you find yourself in pain because of stiff neck. We have two easy-to-do stiff neck remedies that will surely heal you for a short period of time. By the way, these two remedies are among the Chinese techniques that have been using a couple of decades from now and are still being practiced by many people. To give you an overview, the first technique involves massage of the neck that may give a warm and loosen kind of relief in pain caused by stiffness. The second technique relieves you from pain by means of stimulating the blood flow within your neck and shoulders and also, your upper back. In the second technique, spoon and oil is needed.

To begin with, you will only do massaging in the first technique. Please be guided by these instructions: (1) With your two hands, rub them together until it warms up and are filled with energy; (2) Place your hands on your neck and make sure that your fingers are interlocked; (3) As your palms are already in place, let your muscles penetrate the heat and feel the energy in your palms by rubbing your neck at one place to the other for about thirty (30) minutes; and, (4) Repeat this for at least three times per day.

You can also do this by just one hand. Using your fingers to rub firmly, you may stroke and massage the back part of your head up to your neck. This is very effective if you also massage the painful spots on your neck but do not press very firmly because it may worsen your stiff neck. The good thing about this remedy is that, even at the time that you have stiff neck, you can use this treatment to loosen and relax the neck muscles of yours.

Now, let us go to the second technique which needs a spoon and oil like baby oil, massage oil or sesame oil. Also, a partner will be a big help because it is difficult to do this alone. This technique is done by scraping the back of the neck until it becomes reddish for the reason of moving the blood in the muscles and tissues of your neck in order to relieve the pain and stiffness.

The instructions for the second technique are as follows: (1) the person suffering from stiff neck should sit down, remove his/her clothes or jewelry, and tie his/her long hair; (2) put a small amount of oil on the back part of the person’s neck so that the skin is lubricated. Large amount of oil is not necessary; (3) after applying the oil, start scraping the neck and the upper shoulders. Press hardly while scraping but not to the extent of causing so much pain. 30-50 strokes are enough; (4) you can scrape both sides of the neck or you can do it one at a time; (5) sometimes, dizziness can be felt by the person, if this happens, stop for a while and him/her relax for a bit; lastly, (6) this treatment can be repeated for several weeks if there is still pain felt.

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