Stiff Neck Causes

Sometimes, when we woke up, some terrible feeling bothers us. When we look to the left or to the right, what we feel is pain. So, what is this? And, how did we get this? Well, this is what you called as stiff neck. This is triggered, oftentimes, when we slept with our head on top of something hard or is in a position which is steady. This happens because our muscles in the neck have not been relaxed. People with a condition like this often feel discomfort and headache because they cannot be able to move their heads in their preferred position. And sometimes, stress follows because of their eagerness to do things yet they are limited by this ailment.

Stiff neck occurs because of musculoskeletal causes such as ligament sprains, muscle strains, etc. The following activities or incidents are the common reason for musculoskeletal causes:

• repetition of the head circling exercise;
• excessive tension or stress;
• steady position of the neck for a long period;
• accidents like sports injury or vehicular accidents;
• resting or sleeping in an uncomfortable position;
• spinal degeneration;
• spinal stenosis or the narrowing of spinal canal which causes the pressure to the nerves or spinal cord; and,
• poor posture

When having a stiff neck, headache is not the only partner of this ailment. In addition, a person may be able to experience soreness and a lot of pain (for serious type of stiff neck). This ailment may last for a couple of days if not immediately healed. You will never know when you will have a stiff neck because this is unpredictable. Since, we have been discussing this ailment, let this article be a guide for you on what is stiff neck, what are the measures to be done in order to prevent this ailment, and how you can heal stiff neck without even going to a doctor.

When a person have a stiff neck, usually, it is his back or side part of the neck that is injured. As you know, our neck consists of many parts (ex. cervical discs, cervical spine, ligaments, muscles, spinal cord, spinal nerves, tendons, throat, trachea, thyroid gland, and thyroid cartilage (or Adam’s apple). Because of any disorders of any of the structures of the neck, stiff neck causes our neck to hurt. But, we should not stick to this point only since headaches and poor posture can also cause stiff neck.

A while ago, we have already mentioned what stiff neck is and what stiff neck causes. To educate you further, did you know that stiff neck may also bring your pain even to its severe condition? Once it happens, it may affect your daily life condition and result to problems like absenteeism from school or work, chronic pain, neck fracture, and meningitis. If any of the last three conditions occurs, it is better not to let it get worse by immediately seeking a medical care when you feel neck stiffness with numbness, neck injury, chest pain or fever.

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