Spinal Stenosis Treatment

When we are getting old we usually experience changes in our body that sometimes leads to illnesses or diseases caused by our lifestyle. As we age, our bones slowly become weak, which can result to spinal stenosis. This is a common condition of our body when our spinal cord is no longer healthy and we abuse it by lifting heavy materials. To avoid it from getting weaker, we must start eating healthy foods especially those that are high in calcium. Aside from aging, one can also experience spinal stenosis when it has been in accident that causes for its spine to narrow. Usually it is felt in your neck or at your lower back. Although spinal stenosis treatment is possible, you still need to be more careful of yourself to avoid experiencing it.

A common symptom of spinal stenosis is experiencing pain at your back or at the part where it is narrow. It can also cause numbness in your neck, legs, and shoulders or in your arms. Other symptoms can be recognized through the help of the experts. When this is felt immediately consult a doctor to avoid it from becoming worst.

Spinal stenosis treatment can be done through surgical method or non-surgical process since it will depend on the condition of your spine. With the guidance of a doctor you can do some exercises to strengthen your spine or make it more flexible. If the doctor advice you to do some exercise that’s the only time that you do it. There are two groups involve when performing exercises these are the strengthening and flexibility. The strengthening exercise includes curl up, trunk raises, and alternate arm or leg lift. On the other hand the exercises that you can do to make it more flexible are hamstring stretch, backward bending, and quadriceps stretch. It is important that you do these exercises right to avoid injuries. Other non-surgical methods are physical therapy, epidural injections, and inclined medication.

When non-surgical method is no longer effective for your condition, a surgical process must be done. If the pain is already affecting your body movement and it starts to become numb surgical process must take place. Remember that it is much dangerous to undergo this process since it can cause for blood clot or infection in your veins. So, in order to avoid surgical process in treating spinal stenosis, know the symptoms and visit your doctor often.

Proper diet is also recommended to make your bones healthy. Consume fruits or veggies that are known to have high calcium. You can also drink milk instead of alcohol that can only worsen your condition. Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, magnet therapy, natural remedies, and massage can be effective but it will always depend on your doctor’s advice.

Spinal stenosis treatment can be done in several ways but all will depend on how you are diagnosed. Never assume for a treatment that is not right for you because it can only lead to a more serious problem. Always take time to visit a physician to know how to cure spinal stenosis.

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