Spinal Decompression Surgery

When you are already experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and unsteadiness it could be a sign that you are experiencing nerve compression in your spine. As a remedy for this condition, spinal decompression surgery is needed. There are various ways to decompress and these are diskectomy, laminotomy, laminectomy, foraminotomy, foraminectomy, osteophyte, and corpectomy. These surgeries are done depending on what you need.

Diskectomy is done by removing a disk on your spine, which results to relieve pressure particularly on the nerves roots near the disk. The laminotomy surgery works in removing the part of the lamina. However, if it involves removing all of the lamina the process will fall to laminectomy surgery. When the procedure requires the doctor to widen the opening of the nerve roots and remove some tissues and part of the bones the process is known foraminotomy. The forminectomy though refers to the procedure wherein there’s more bone and tissues are removed. If the patient needs removing of bony growths it will undergo osteophytes also known as bone spurs. The corpectomy is a surgery wherein it removes vertebra and disks. These surgeries are being done by the experts only so you must never take advice from anyone who doesn’t have an idea how to do it.

Spinal decompression surgery can be very dangerous because once it fails there’s a tendency that your whole body will be affected. Though there are also non-surgical processes available for spinal decompression it is still advisable to consult the expert for you to know if it still works on you using that method. Medication, injection, and other natural way of treating spinal decompression are available but these only fits to those who are not experiencing too much pain. If the symptoms still occurs even if you have undergone the non-surgical process of spinal decompression the surgical method will be the best choice.

Recovering after the surgery can be done by staying in the hospital for several days but this will depend on the extent of the surgery you’ve undergone. After the surgery proper medication is needed. For some they will have to go through rehabilitation or physical therapy. Before you decide to undergo any of these surgeries, make sure that you are ready physically and financially since you will need a lot of it. You also need to know if the pain is caused by spinal problem or not. Do not just undergo surgeries without going through few tests.

Spinal decompression surgery can provide change in your life. The pain that you usually feel will be gone particularly in your legs and back. It will also improve how you perform your activities especially on your job. If you will not undergo surgeries it can be dangerous to your life since the spine is connected almost all parts of our body. You won’t be able to work well or do some leisure’s. Take the risk and consult your doctor to know your condition. Once your surgery is successful it will surely change your life.

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