Spinal Cord Stimulator

The spinal cord is considered as one of the vital yet sensitive parts of the human body that once it is injured it can affect our life and some of our body parts will not function 100%. Injuries of spinal cord usually start when the vertebrate is dislocated or if it has been fractured. When this happens, we experience pain at our lower back and ignoring it can worsen the situation. Once you’ve started feeling pain at your lower back, it will be better to consult a doctor immediately rather than ignoring it. Chronic pain at the spinal cord could only be lessened with the use of spinal cord stimulator (SCS). The electrical current that the device releases blocks the pain that an individual feel that will result for you to no longer feel it. There are several types of SCS these are the conventional systems, radiofrequency systems, and the rechargeable systems.

The conventional system would only require little effort from the patient wherein it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance but it still need minor surgical process. If a patient is already experiencing multi-extremity of pain the right type of SCS that it must acquire is the radiofrequency system. This type of SCS could sustain therapy for a longer period of time using a much higher output level. The most innovative type of SCS is the rechargeable system, which can last longer compare to the non-rechargeable one. This type of SCS is more recommended than the other types since you can recharge it at the comfort of your home.

Just like any surgical process there’s also a risk that one will face once it undergoes spinal cord stimulator surgery. Usually a patient will experience headache, allergic reaction, infection, bleeding, spinal fluid leakage, and the most dangerous is the paralysis. Aside from these risks some patient may also experience common SCS error like wrong location, works intermittently, and poor connection of the system. These are the risk that you need to know before deciding whether you’ll continue the surgery or not. This is also the reason why you need to choose the best doctor available to do the surgery.

However, there are a lot of benefits that you’ll feel once the surgery is successful. Using the SCS you’ll be able to control the device and get rid of the pain whenever you want it. It can also be helpful particularly to those who love to travel or those who perform various tasks daily. You don’t have to worry participating in recreational activities such as walking, jogging or biking since it is much advisable to do this. According to the expert if you will sit for a long time the pain will only increase that’s why it is recommended to do task that will move your body.

Before deciding to go through the spinal cord stimulator surgery, make sure that you are ready with the consequences that you might face. You need to ask yourself if you are fit to undergo the surgery and always consult the opinion of the experts.

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