Spinal Cord Injury

It is just so alarming and frustrating that every year, there are approximately 200,000 people who are suffering from spinal cord injury. However, this is not anymore something that we should be surprised about owing to the fact that there are plenty of things as well as situations which might actually lead to such a situation. Some of the common causes of the said injury are sports-related injuries, backseat failure accidents, violence, seatbelt failure accidents, construction accidents, falls, vehicular accidents as well as trauma. But let us not just limit it to such scenarios because even known medical conditions may lead to such like arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, polio and the like.

The worst thing that we can picture from a person who is experiencing the wrath of injury in the spinal cords is the fact that they could be helpless and they need to face the serious complications that will follow.

Spinal cord injury is also known as SCI which is a serious injury that greatly affects our central nervous system. When you think that it only affects the spinal cords, as its name suggests then you are actually wrong. This is so because it can also affect the other parts of the body.

There are numbers of things that can happen to a person when their spinal cords faced injury and one of which is loss of sensation. When you are injured, you will notice that you will lose the sensation. So what you must remember is to prevent pressure ulcers subject to the skin.

Another effect that injury in the spinal cords can inflict to a person in such situation is musculoskeletal problems. Commonly, it goes with paralysis that can lead to joint deformity, heterotopic ossification, spasticity and the like.
We cannot also deny the fact that in the presence of injury in our spinal cords, we will experience loss of control in our bladder. The usual complaints range from kidney stones, renal calculi as well as bladder infection. Good thing, medical practitioners are now able to assist people with injury in their spinal cords on how they can be able to effectively empty their bladder. In addition, the presence of injury in the spinal cords will surely also lead to bowel control around the anus. As such, there are bowel routines that must be followed and at the same time dietary changes.

There will also be a change when it comes to the blood circulation like bloods clot risks are increased, low blood pressure, edema as well as deep vein thrombosis. When it comes to blood clot, what most people must do is to have physical therapy, medical prescription as well as diet to decrease such risk. After all, it is very hard for one to really cope with spinal cord injury that is why proper care, medication as well as the assistance of doctors must be obtained. This will give the patient the comfort in the long run and recover from the injury.

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