Spinal Arthritis Exercises

For those who suffer from arthritis, particularly in the lower back area there are exercises that can help increase mobility and relieve the pain. Doing spinal arthritis exercises can go a long way towards keeping you healthy, the excess weight off your body and being more mobile as you grow older. The process begins by having a check up with your physician to spot any hidden medical conditions that might be aggravated by doing an exercise program. Once cleared, the earlier you start your spinal arthritis exercises, the more you will enjoy a healthier state of life.

To get the maximum effect from spinal arthritis exercises you’ll have to evaluate your current physical condition. This may mean you should emphasize taking off excess weight or adding different exercise routines to your overall plan. Based on the condition you are in, this will help you choose the spinal arthritis exercises that work best for you.

Assuming that you are overweight and have not exercised to any extent in the past few years, the start up to your spinal arthritis exercises will be slow, but steady. You’ll need to alter your diet to help you lose weight which can take a great deal of stress off the affected joints. Even taking off five to ten pounds will make a noticeable reduction in the stress and pain you feel in your lower back.

Your diet should include foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory products, though the effect may not be that noticeable at first. What’s more important is that you reduce your weight, so lowering the trans fats, sugars and carbohydrates are a good start, but keep it healthy.

Your spinal arthritis exercises begin with emphasizing a cardio based workout to help you reduce your overall weight and increase fitness across your entire body. Your lower back is important to so many functions of what you do from walking, sitting and maintaining mobility that even brisk walking can help strengthen the muscles in your back and pain relief. Start by finding a good cardio based workout that you can do five times each week and stick to it, even if you only begin a few minutes per day. Persistence is important in making your spinal arthritis exercises a good habit to maintain for the rest of your life.

Once you have established your cardio workout, the final step is adding the specific spinal arthritis exercises that will help you increase your mobility, strengthen the muscle areas and provide even more pain relief. Effective routines include press up back extensions where you lie face down on the floor, support your upper body on your elbows and gently press upwards without using your back muscles. This will help stretch your back without putting any undo strain. Also, if you lie on your back and do simply stomach crunches without pulling your lower back up from the floor you can work your abdominal muscles which can provide support.

Healthy eating, proper stretching and an overall cardio workout complete with specific spinal arthritis exercises will help you live a more mobile life with less pain. Check out the specific exercises available to find the group that works for you.

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