Some Ways to Ease The Sciatic Nerve Pain at Home

Typically, sciatica is the symptom of low back pain which starts low on one side of the back and then shoots down the buttock and finally reaches the leg with certain movement. It is often caused by muscle strain that involve the sciatic nerve.

Pain from sciatica will probably limit your activities. Here are some ways to ease the sciatic nerve pain at home, just for your sciatica treatment.

1. Do not lift heavy furniture if you suffer from sciatica. If it necessary, you’d better use some techniques or skills to reduce the risks of hurting. Generally, overstrain is more likely to give rise to inflammation of nerve tissues. In this cases, you should avoid doing any heavy activities and let the time to cure you pain.

2. Keep flexibility and lower back muscles by performing stretching exercises regularly. For example, you can avoid bone damage and osteoporosis by doing proper weighting bearing exercises. People who have strong stomach muscles are less likely to have poor posture and injuries than those who have weak stomach muscles. Therefore, in your daily life, do some stomach strengthening exercises as possible as you can.

3. You must avoid poor postures all the time . For example, while you are walking, you should not carry heavy objects, bags or books and must assure that your hips always tucked under.

4. Keep a balance weight. If you are overweight, it will increase you chances of the lower spinal joints and then causes the compression of tissues, bones and nerves. So keep a balance weight not only contributes your beauty but also your health.

5. If no improvement in symptoms has occurred for first several weeks, you’d better to visit your doctor about some optional treatments or physical therapy. Generally, your doctor may prescribe you some painkillers and suggest you have a good rest. It is more effective if you insist doing some stretch exercises at the same time.

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