Some Effective Drinks for Sciatica

Typically, sciatica is resulted from a compressed nerve or a squeezing of the sciatic nerve. According to the research, herbal remedies are effective treatments on relieving sciatic nerve pain. Therefore, in your spare time, you might as well to learn some knowledge about herbal remedies.

You can relieve you pain from squeezing nerve by placing a hot and moist herbal pack upon the painful spots. By doing this, it can also promote your blood circulation. The way to make a hot pack is simple. First, put some crushed flax seeds into a small, cotton sack, and then immerse the sack into hot water for ten minutes. Now, a hot sack is finished. You can try to do it by yourself. However, you have to assure that you should not put the mustard seeds pack on the painful area for more than 10 minutes since mustard seeds made pack is more likely to cause you skin irritation.

Followings are several effective drinks for sciatica.

1. Garlic milk. You may avoid inflammation by drinking garlic milk twice a day. The way to make this functional milk is very easy. First crush two raw cloves of garlic and then infuse this into a one-fourth cup of milk. Why not to try this easy-doing while effective treatment?

2. Chamomile herbal tea. Drink a cup of chamomile herbal tea twice or three times a day can have a calming, curing effective on relax the stiffness muscles. Furthermore, you can fuse chamomile essential oil into carrier oil and then wipe it to the painful area. It is also effective enough to relieve you pain.

3. Herbal juice. Drink a tablespoon of herbal juice everyday can contribute to support adrenal glands and smooth the nerves. Generally, this herbal juice is made from fresh horsetail, borage, and yarrow and celery juice.

In addition to above drinks, you can try to make some ointments to relieve your pain. You can fuse chamomile essential oil into carrier oil and then wipe it to the painful area. Alternatively, mix 3 to 4 cloves of garlic into 50 grams of mustard oil, and wipe the cloves with the oil on the painful area until the garlic has turned reddish.

Finally, you might as well to try a hot herbal bath. Put 4 cups of stinging nettle herb into cold water for about 12 hours, and then heat the mixture, strain and add it to a hot bath. Sock in the tub for 20 minutes while assure that your chest is above water. After soaking, wrap your whole body in a cotton towel of cotton terry cloth without drying yourself by cloth, and then lie in bed and relax yourself absolutely. A comfortable while effective bath, try it.

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