Shoes for Back Pain Relief

You may not know the shoes that you wear attach great importance to your back pain. The reason is that the shoes shift the three curves of the spine into a non-neutral position, causing compression n the upper or lower back. Generally, back pain is more likely to occur when you wear high-heeled shoes and shoes that crowd the feet or have no arch support at all.

So only if you wear clogs, shoes with a lower heel and supportive arched, and shoes with a heel less than 2 inches tall, then the possibilities of having pain will decrease greatly.

In summer, many people like wearing flip-flop sandals. But actually, to some people, flip-flop sandals will also cause back pain since it is non-supportive and can flatten arches.

Structure of the Spine

The neck, the upper mid-thoracic, and the lower back are the three natural curves in our spine. The neck has seven vertebrae in the cervical spine; the upper mid-thoracic is generally the least flexible one; and the lower back is the very area where pains are more likely to occur.

So your back pain will get alleviated or even relieved if you wear supportive shoes. If you can include some regular exercise and therapeutic stretching, the effects would be better obviously.

Why High Heels Cause Back Pain?

● If your heel height is 3-inch or more, the tip-toeing will place a strain or pressure on your lower back and neck. Your pelvis which is placed in an anterior pelvic will more likely to create an exaggerated curve in the low back, creating compression on L-5 (fifth vertebrae of the lumbar spine) and S-1 (first vertebrae of the sacrum).

● What’s more, your back muscles will become stiff or strained due to the shortened Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon is the plantar fascia on the soles of the feet.

● If you wear a pair of small and high-heeled shoes, bunions or hammer toes where two or more toes overlap will trouble you.

In one word, long time wearing of unfitted or high-heels shoes will impede digestion, elimination. Then Dowager’s Hump, a hunchback in the thoracic spine is due to occur.

● Chefs and others who require to stand on their feet much of the day often wear Clogs. Actually, a wooden sole, clogs can provide an ergonomic arched that supports the foot and keeps the three spinal curves intact. So take wooden sole, clogs into your consideration when buying shoes next time.

● Besides, shoes designed with a supportive arched will also contribute to reduce your back pain since it allows the toes to lie side by side without overlapping.

● In market, there are many fashionable designed brand shoes which get great popular from women, especially from the youth. These shoes do not cripple the feet or create back pain due to its careful design.

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