Right Quadrant Back Pain Relief

A number of things can cause right quadrant back pain. Injury to the muscles or vertebra in the upper or mid back is generally the cause of most right quadrant back pain. If you don’t remember injuring or straining your back, it is important to see a doctor to rule out gall bladder and gastrointestinal conditions that could be causing pain. Doctors prescribe muscle relaxants, ice packs, heat and gentle stretches for right quadrant back pain relief that is caused by injury. Pain medication is sometimes prescribed for a limited time to minimize pain during the healing process. Long term pain medication is only prescribed for chronic conditions; which normally requires seeing a pain management doctor or clinic.

Right quadrant back pain relief can be obtained by following the guidelines below. The following techniques and therapies can be used singly or in conjunction with the others for the best relief.

  • Apply Ice to the injured area as soon as possible. Leave ice pack on 10-15 minutes, off 15 minutes and repeat for the next four to 24 hours. This will decrease swelling and muscle spasms which cause pain.
  • Take Muscle relaxant. Take an over the counter or prescription muscle relaxant, like Motrin, robaxin, flexiril, Advil, or tizanidine. This will stop muscle spasms and reduce swelling. Take medication only as directed.
  • Pain reliever. Over the counter or prescription pain relievers can be taken moderately for right quadrant back pain relief. Do not take more medication than prescribed. Over dosing on pain medication, whether prescribed or over the counter, can result in liver and kidney damage or failure. It can also result in death. BE CAREFUL!
  • Stretches can be done in moderation as early as 24 hours after an injury.
    • Back flexion stretch: Lie on your back and slowly bring knees up towards chest, at the same time gently roll head and shoulders forward until a stretch is felt in the back. Hold position for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times.
    • Knee to Chest stretch: Lie on back with knees bent and heels on the floor. Take both hands and place them behind one knee. Pull knee towards chest and hold stretch for 5 seconds. Release and repeat on other side. Repeat sequence 5 times.
    • Chin tuck: Sit or stand with good posture. Shoulders should be down and back. Hold head straight with chin parallel to the floor. Pull head back between shoulder blades and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times.
    • Shoulder stretch: Sit or stand with good posture. Start with shoulders back and down. Gently squeeze shoulder blades together and hold 5 seconds. Then move shoulders forward, clasping hands and pressing shoulders forward. Hold 5 seconds and repeat 5 times.
    • Side stretch: This stretch should be done slowly and only if you don’t have a disc problem. Stand with good posture. Take left arm and stretch it out to the side so it is parallel to the floor. Keep head straight and hips still. Bend back to the left, pointing with left arm. Stop if you feel sharp or severe pain. Hold stretch for 5 seconds and then return to a neutral position. Repeat on the other side.
    • Chiropractors provide right quadrant back pain relief for many patients.

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