Remedy for Gout

Gout is an inflammatory condition of joint disease which is a common form of arthritis. About five percent of people diagnosed with arthritis will also have conditions of gout. This is the result of the buildup of uric acid in the blood which caused the joints in the knees and particularly in the feet to inflame and cause considerable pain.

Uric acid is usually disposed of by the body through the kidneys when they filter out waste products and is passed through as urine. But in those with gout the kidneys cannot filter out the uric acid quick enough because of the build up. In these cases the uric acid will crystallize in the joint spaces of the knees or feet and cause considerable pain.

In some case the buildup will push against the skin in patches which can be seen. An attack of gout usually lasts from five to ten days and is most common in these lower joints mainly due to gravity and since the feet, ankles and knees are generally lower when we sit or stand, the uric acid will build up. Some uric buildup in the joints will be painful with other areas, particularly the big toe will be excruciating. In many cases even the pulling of a bed sheet over the big toe will cause a tremendous amount of pain.

Fortunately, there are prescribed medical treatments for gout and even some home remedies have shown some promise in certain scientific studies. What is important is that before starting any treatment for gout that you see your physician. The condition of gout must be fully diagnosed first, although the symptoms may seem obvious and the proper treatment given so that it does not cause any adverse reaction that may be more problematic than the gout.

Gout has many different causes, but it mostly affects older people above the age of 40 as children rarely get gout. While some causes may not be preventable, such as a family history of gout, a specific injury to a joint or undergoing chemotherapy for example are difficult to prevent, others may be due to temporary conditions that can be treated.

Consuming too much alcohol, particularly over a long period of time, exposure to environmental lead, or taking certain medications such as diuretics or even too much niacin which is a vitamin, eliminating these items can help reduce if not stop gout from reoccurring but you will have to identify the culprit first.

If removing the cause is not stopping the conditions of gout, then there are prescribed medical treatments which are very effective. It does begin with maintaining a normal weight. If you are obese you are only exacerbating the pain that gout can cause. By reducing your weight you can help reduce the pain as well.

Plus, there are also several home remedies which can also work effectively as well starting with drinking more water as this helps to dilute the uric acid, avoiding alcohol and taking anti-inflammatory drugs will greatly reduce the symptoms. Also, certain herbal medicines such as devil’s claw root, gingeroot, meadowsweet leaves and flowertops have also shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of gout.

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