Recurring Lower Back Pain

When pain in any part of the body is experienced, at times the cause is known while in other cases the cause is difficult to identify. A lot of people all over the world are troubled by recurring lower back pain.

Causes for recurring lower back pain:

In some of the cases, the muscles in the lower back are over used or the Scheuermann’s disease, a disorder of the rare kind can be the cause. The lower back has a particular structure or anatomy which needs to be understood first of all. Out of the entire human anatomy, one structure that is most intricate is the lower back. The spinal column is the lower back’s one of the most important components. Weight of the whole upper body is supported well by the spine.

Encased in the lower back is the spinal cord which needs a great deal of protection. At the base of the brain, the spinal cord starts and down the spine it runs. The spinal cord is the bundle of nerves which originates from the brain and controls all movements by sending electrical impulses along it. Vertebrates are the smaller bones which make up the spine. On one another the vertebrates are stacked. Intervertebral discs or the cartilage pads in small sizes, lie in between the vertebrates. These pads help in cushioning the spinal column and at the same time the upper body’s movement is well facilitated by the spine. Vertebrates are held together by tendons and ligaments.

The causes for recurring lower back pain could be many. It could be bad posture, an injury, a disease that is affecting the vertebrae or exerting pressure on them or even just an old rutty chair that isn’t offering your back the proper support.

Back Muscle Damage and Wear And Tear:

Muscles of the lower back are attached to the spinal column through the medium of tendons and muscles. When an injury is caused to the inter-vetebral discs, muscles of the lower back, tendons or ligaments, it leads to pain in the lower back. Some of these could get damaged or injured or wear and tear can be caused excessively. At times a medical condition could cause a problem. In the spinal structure an imbalance could be caused leading to pain.

Falls and other accidents are a potential cause of damage to the spinal column. Sometimes on the spinal column a bony growth occur leading to lower back pain. Spondylolysis, osteoarthritis, herniated disc and scoliosis are some of the diseases related to the lower back and causes pressure on it. In pregnancy too, lower back pain is caused due to weight gain and change in posture. The causes of recurring lower back pain are many but should be dealt with, before they worsen.

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