Prostate Cancer and Lower Back Pain

In North American, prostate cancer is a common disease in men. Actually, prostate cancer is the second largest cancer in the world, and the first one is surely the skin cancer. At the same time, prostate cancer has the second death rate which next to lung cancer. Bone pain is regarded as the most serious pain in prostate cancer. Besides, lower back pain and other musculoskeletal pain are also the often-seeing one.

● Cognition

If you suffer from prostate gland, your normal sexual functioning will be enabled and bladder control will also be regulated. The gland is something like a walnut which located in the front of the rectum. According to Pub Med, it is said that gland circles the superior portion of the urethra.

● Results

Lower back and hip pain are more likely to occur if you suffer from prostate cancer. According to the American Family Physician website, back pain occurs when the spinal cord has been compressed due to bone metastasis

● Characteristics

Prostate cancer is so vigorous that it may spread quickly through your whole body. Once this spread happen, it shows that your cancer has metastasized. Otherwise, if spread will not happen, it shows that your cancer is a slow growing one.

● Thinking

According to, you will suffer from pain and swelling if your prostate gland has become inflamed, then prostatitis occurs. Lower back pain, as well as fatigue, depression, urination problems and sexual dysfunction are all the symptoms of this condition. Virus, bacteria or a sexually transmitted disease are all the reasons for Prostatitis. Actually, non-bacterial is the most common type of prostatitis. If unfortunately, this will lead to abdominal and lower back pain. What’s more, in some cases, frequent urination will occur.

● Symptoms

The symptoms of prostate cancer are many and various. Generally, lower back and hip pain would not be alleviated or relieved easily. Besides, pain in the lower part of your pelvis, difficulty urinating, pus or blood in your urine, blood in your semen, pain when you ejaculate and pain when urinating are all the symptoms or signs of prostate cancer. It is an indicator if you feel lacking of force in your urine stream or you find that dribble urine occur after urinating. If you lose weight or appetite suddenly, it may also show that you have the possibility to have prostate cancer.

● Check

When you go to visit your doctor, he or she may insert a finger into your rectum and feel the prostate gland to check your prostate status. They can determine whether there are any lumps existed by examining the shape and size of the gland.

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