Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy back pain is really a typical complaint among women with child. So common in fact that numerous ladies have accepted it as a regular component of pregnancy and do absolutely nothing to relieve the pain.

Well, they are wrong. While there’s always that feeling of discomfort when you are carrying a child inside your uterus, pregnancy back pain is something that you can reduce, perhaps even stop, with the use of particular methods. Moreover, think about these pregnancy back pain methods as early training when your back bears the strain of continuously lifting your seven to ten pound baby or your 20 pound toddler.


Pregnancy back pain has an effect on 50 % of women. The actual cause might be any of the following:

  • Extra weight – You will clearly be gaining weight throughout your pregnancy because you’ve 2 mouths to feed. But while the extra weight is good for your baby, it may be poor for your back.
  • Change in weight bearing – Your spine is responsible for keeping your body upright. It supports your weight, making certain that majority of it’s distributed in the center for much better balance. When you are with child, the weight shifts to your uterus, therefore disrupting regular weight bearing. This alter could result in back pains and numerous other aches.
  • Hormonal change – Throughout pregnancy, your body produces hormones that trigger your pelvic bones and joints to soften, loosening the muscles around them in preparation for your baby’s passage. This causes pliancy inside your pelvic organs, resulting in discomfort when you walk, particularly up and down the stairs.

Techniques to Overcome Pregnancy Back Pain

You will find numerous self-care methods which will decrease pregnancy back pain. First is posture. You know already what the healthy posture is: back straight, shoulders level and parallel to the ground. Granted that it cannot be helped if your posture is affected as your body weight is gradually transferred to your uterus, attempt to assume this healthy posture in early pregnancy.

As much as possible don’t pull your shoulders too far back in an effort to offset the weight of your uterus. This may result in pregnancy back pain. Alternatively, talk to your physician about how you can adjust your posture to be able to accommodate your growing belly.

An additional technique to assist you manage pregnancy back pain is sit with your feet slightly elevated. This may ease off the strain on your back by permitting you to relax your shoulders. Also, do not cross your legs and alter positions frequently. Steer clear of standing for long periods of time.

Whenever you sleep, sleep on your side. Bend both of your knees with a pillow between them and another one beneath your abdomen. Relief for pregnancy back pain can be achieved by putting a specially shaped total body pillow below your abdomen.

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