Potential Causes of Arthritis

Now, you will better understand the nature of this inflammatory disease if you’ll try to know what specific factors trigger arthritis to occur.  These factors are typically labeled as the “causes of arthritis” and these include the following:

  • Age – Although several claims have it that arthritis only affects the adults and the elderly, it should be noted that that is not always the case.  The truth of the matter is, the condition may occur at an early age of about 15.  The risk brought by it will increase as the person ages.  This is true specifically for osteoarthritis.

  • Gender – Is gender a great contributing factor to arthritis?  Well, based on several claims and researches, the condition occurs more common to women than men.  For what reason is actually unknown.
  • Work Factors – If the nature of your work involved some lifting or weight bearing, there’s a tendency for you to develop arthritis.  That is what most experts have claimed.  Perhaps the reason behind this claim is that once you are exposed to weight bearing or repetitive movements that demands more efforts and bending, the work will affect the condition of your bodily joints.  It will stress these body parts, and worse may result to injuries.  This is true not only for those who are working on the office, schools, or other institutions, but also in the fields.  Athletes are more prone to it.
  • Obesity – Another notable causal factor of arthritis, obesity is said to be a big factor to note when it comes to arthritic prevention.  The main reason behind this is that once a person develops into someone obese, chances are he or she will develop the disease knowing that being overweight is an added stress to the bodily joints.  These joints will be damaged because of the constant weight bearing, and once stress happens, it will further lead to more complicated wear and tear.  This increase stress is what will eventually lead to an increasing risk of arthritis, especially “osteo” type.

Several recent researches have revealed that there could still be more factors contributing to the development of joint inflammation.  They are now linking hereditary and hormonal factors to the development of arthritis.  The studies also tackle much on the effects of lifestyle behaviors to its development, but no exact or clear support is still found out for experts to say that arthritis is really developed by such causes.

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